Better Client Communications

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Sola Rosa Tech is dedicated to the clear technical writing education of engineers, scientists,
businesspeople, and individuals.
As senior partners know, clear, knowledgeable writers are a joy to work with.
Training your staff to write well is an efficient move for the whole team and is a sure way
to happier client relations.

  • teach engineers and scientists to write better
  • through seminars, text books, and on-line consulting and editing services

  • provide document process trouble-shooting support

  • can help you to transform documents that need a little first aid before they go to clients

  • can help you publish books and documents to preserve your knowledge
  • Prof. Dominic Larivière

    Ph.D., Chimiste, Associate Professor
    Directeur des programmes de premier cycle, chimie, et Directeur du laboratoire de radioécologie de l'Université Laval

    “This is why (in addition of you making me sound like a decent English-writing person) I like working with you… You ask real questions on stuff that I take for granted.”

  • Marcel Chichak

    Senior Associate, Water Resources, AMEC Foster Wheeler

    “One of our engineers took both your session, and the professional engineers' association session, and he said that your session was better.”

  • Craig Prichard

    Technical Communicator

    Again, thank you for an excellent presentation last night. I don't say that lightly. Because of my background in speaking and teaching I am typically more critical (but not in the negative way) of presentations. You and your presentation were excellent. Full stop.

  • Shawn Tse


    You are a very entertaining and relaxing speaker. I enjoyed and appreciated the exercises that you did for us, and the books that you’ve put together look very helpful. I am definitely going to keep them as a resource on my desk.

  • Seminar participant

    Houston, Texas

    I have been editing reports for years, but you organized the information and procedures so well that I know it is going to streamline my work, and my mentoring of young writers, from now on. Thank you.

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