Technical Writing Seminars & PublicationsBetter Client Communications

Sola Rosa Tech is a collection of experienced instructors. Each instructor uses the same course and professional guidelines, but brings their own unique experience, personality, and gifts to the table.
Simply e-mail the instructor that you would like to hire to arrange the dates and situation that work for you. Possibilities include:

  • lunchtime seminars

  • half-day seminars

  • full day seminars

  • half-day seminars with workshop afternoons (mentorship/working on your own materials)

  • two-day seminars

  • If your instructor of choice lives far from you, transportation costs may also apply. If you do not see an instructor who suits you in your area, contact to discuss other options. We may be able to arrange an instructor in your area. Some of the instructors also may deliver the seminars by Skype or other platform.

    Any one, or a team of us, might suit your document service or publishing needs as well. Again, e-mail the individual who interests you to inquire about rates and availability. LinkedIn profiles are also linked on the instructor pages.