2 Hours

Better Reporting & Deliverables

The nuts and bolts of great reporting.


Seminar Topics

Intended for all writers, including junior and senior, particularly people who communicate with clients.

When seniors are present with juniors in a collabortive, supportive learning environment coversations usually become very productive for the group dynamic going forward.

This course is focused on deflating overly jargonized business speak, writing cleanly and efficiently, and using the science of readability to present material in a way that clients receive much better.

A. Writing to a Client Audience
B. Leading with Strength
C. How to Organize a Report
D. Pacing
E. Jargon and Acronyms
F. Ridiculously Long Words and Other Disposables
G. First-Person Science
H. Capitalization
I. Tricky English Words
J. Numbers
K. Consistency
L. Spelling
M. Correct Metric