1 Hour

Effective E-mails and Technical Memos

Strategies for better client and colleague relations, smoother team processes, and faster results.


Seminar Topics

Client Communication

Your e-mail manners and strategies can have a greater effect on your profits than nearly anything else. Learn how to put what the client wants to hear ahead of what you want to say.

Getting Answers

How to get thorough, timely answers from your clients and key players.

The Delivery

It's not just for doctors and UPS drivers. Learn how an effective delivery will get your message noticed.

E-mail Etiquette for the Review Process

E-mail can be an effective method to nurture individual relationships, team dynamics, and efficient group processes... or, e-mail chains can lead to train wrecks.

Responsible Correspondence

Small details can convey negativity, positivity, and professionalism (or a lack of it!). Learn what these e-mail cues are and how to use them to your advantage.


Have you ever read an e-mail that is a solid wall of text? It's hard to dig out the important points, isn't it.
Learn other, more readable ways to present your ideas and essential information.