1 Hour

Faster Editing for Senior Review

Professional strategies to speed up review at the final technical stages.


Rationale/genesis of this seminar

Intended for senior reviewers, but the principles in this class may help the younger writers present a better product to the seniors.

A. Assessing the Document: The Ten-Minute Editor
B. Organization and Appearance
C. Introduction and Conclusion
D. Particular Issues
E. Quick and Dirty Fixes
F. Trash
G. Passive Language

The common pattern in too many consulting situations is that senior people end up spending inordinate numbers of hours fixing junior reports. Sometimes, we need to fix up reports that were written in other offices.
It’s well-known as well that you can’t do a senior science or engineering review when the English is so jumbled that it doesn’t make sense, so this job ends up falling to senior staff.
Some groups have admins that might help to implement some of the changes offered here, while in other cases, the senior people may feel they need to edit the English themselves to preserve the technical accuracy.
This seminar gives an effective professional checklist and suggestions to make the senior person’s review job easier. Of course, junior writers could apply these steps to their own writing before sending it to seniors and that would be even better! But this course was written to help address a senior problem.