Seminar: The Science of Readability

Make even the most technical writing more digestible for clients.

Seminar: Basic Writing Skills

A hands-on workshop for basic writing skills and English grammar.

Seminar: Effective E-mails and Technical Memos

Strategies for better client relations and faster results.

Seminar: Better Reporting

The nuts and bolts of great reporting.

Seminar: Faster Editing for Senior Review

Professional strategies to speed up review at the final technical stages.

Seminar: Winning Proposals

Strategies to make your proposals the best.

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Seminar Notes:


These seminars are completely customizable. The content is based on experience and knowledge encompassing industry, governments, and academia, and tailored to consulting company and industry needs. This selection may be useful to you, but if you have other needs or desires, please ask. Other courses and materials are developed and our instruction is flexible.

For full-day seminars, you can choose to have the same students attend all day, or to have a series of classes that may be appropriate to different people.

Who should attend
The Basics course is mainly for juniors/English-second-language writers.
The E-mails/Memos and Better Reporting seminars are best if senior people also attend in a mentoring capacity for the juniors.
The How to Do Quick Review is aimed to make the lives of intermediate/senior level people easier, but it would not hurt juniors to hear that one either.

My instruction style is very interactive, and the reporting session and e-mail session particularly provide a great time for leaders to share their experience and expectations with their groups.

These workshops are all hands-on, with minimal (or no) time staring at a screen. I’ll need reasonable attendance counts, as I will be bringing paper worksheets with me, and people should bring their pens. They will be working in all classes. There’s no period of time (except breaks) where people can sit back and play on their phones. Given the realities of business, I suggest we schedule in breaks for people to check in with their e-mail.

Yoga Option: I have several small, corporate-office-appropriate yoga lessons that I can teach in the breaks, as desired. You might also talk me into teaching a little class at the end of the day.

I know that companies that love yoga, love it, and that other companies believe it is a complete waste of time. I am happy to include it or leave it out, as desired.